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PL-12C Jet polishing machine
  • PL-12C Jet polishing machine
  • PL-12C Jet polishing machine
PL-12C Jet polishing machine

This machine is equipped with a work-piece turntable, on which there are 12 stations and 4 spray guns, and two stations can be processed at the same time. When the equipment is polishing, the workpiece can rotate automatically, and the spray head can move up and down to achieve uniform processing of the workpiece. The spray pressure, rotation speed, polishing time, and spray gun position can be adjusted according to the different processing of products. A cage is installed above the turntable, which can maintain the stability of the string when machining the blade. When machining large workpiece such as hob, the workpiece can be directly installed on the turntable, and the turntable directly drives the workpiece to automatically turn to processing.
It is applicable to various CNC blades, gear cutters, rod cutters, etc.


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